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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in tonight. we're back tomorrow, noon pacific. 3 eastern for the fox report right ahead of mr. bill o'reilly >> "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> are you ready to be demonized because that's going to come and it's going to come hard at you? >> this isn't my first rodeo, bill. >> can rick santorum become a legitimate threat to mitt romney. most say no, but they could be wrong. we will have analysis. >> can you see a scenario under which the two of you would align together to try to defeat the establishment candidate, mitt romney? >> absolutely, of course. >> newt gingrich talking about lining himself with rick santorum, but how would that work in the primaries? laura ingraham will be here. you are the most lethal sniper. you're killing them. and you liked it. the most lethal sniper in
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american history has written a new book and it's very controversial. you considered the people you were killing savages. caution. you are about enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how "the factor" will cover the presidential sweepstakes, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there is no question that this program will play a major role in a presidential race this year. we are by far the most watched news show in prime time, tripling our opposition and many factor viewers watch us because they want straight talk. we're not rooting for anybody. we're not in the business of promoting any candidate. we are tough on everybody. now, that alienates some americans who want their
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candidate to be coddled. let's take rick santorum who was on last night. the central point of the interview with the former senator was that he will now become a target because the media will portray him as a right wing extremist. there is no doubt that will happen. so i asked mr. santorum about his positions and he did answer the questions. but some santorum supporters didn't like those questions. laura luke who lives in michigan, bill, i was stunned by the hit and run interview you did with santorum. you finally gave him five minutes and spent the time on issues most americans don't care about. you owe him an apology. here are the facts. the interview lasted seven minute, 45 seconds. he ran as a social conservative and did well in iowa based on that. we frame the interview that way and it was fair. mary in st. louis, bill, i am furious with you. you interrupted rick santorum big time. mr. santorum spoke for 60% --
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60% of the nearly eight minute interview. it's my job to ask as many questions as possible and keep the conversation pithy. no campaign speeches are allowed on "the factor." doris, one in idaho. why do you bully all the conservatives and lavish praise on all your liberal friends? doris, that's just lunacy, as dick morris said last night, kool-aid drinking goes both ways. the point here is that we have been remarkably consistent for more than 15 years about asking tough questions. but we have also sharpened our focus recently. all americans seeking power will be scrutinized on the program, which is why some of them are too frightened to come on. we don't care much about party politics here. we care a lot about looking out for you. one more letter about santorum and we'll have more mail later on. this one from deborah in virginia. you were a little soft on mr. santorum. you let him off on questions about birth control and gay marriage.
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it was obvious he did not anticipate those questions. senator answered my questions pretty directly, deborah. i told you that the interview was not a debate over his social positions. it was to allow rick santorum to further define what he has said during the campaign in iowa. he did that, so i did my job. and isn't it interesting that one viewer thinks i gave santorum a pass, while another thinks i hammered him. when analyzing this very important presidential race, you have to put emotion aside. i mean, i have to put it aside. you can be as emotional as you want. just don't go crazy like doris in idaho. let's take president obama, for example. as you know, i gave him the benefit of the doubt when he first took office and began trying to federalize the economy. i didn't think that was going to work, but i watched the scenario play out because i'm not an economist. over the past three years, the economy remained stagnant, while the national debt, $15 trillion, is now near the bankruptcy level. so it is fair to say that mr. obama's economic strategy has not worked. that's not a personal shot at him! that's just the fact of the
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matter. alan colmes and other devoted liberals will tell you the president needs more time and should spend more money to stimulate the economy. well, recently the coaches of the st. louis rams and the tampa bay bucs were fired because they could not produce winners after three years. politics is like sports. you have to produce. but democrat partisans don't care about performance. if you have a d after your name, they like you, period. they don't care. of course, the same holds true for republican parmesans and i'm fine with that on both fronts. if your political philosophy trumps performance, that's on you. but i live in an entirely different world. the mandate of the factor factor means we have to be skeptical about all of those seeking power. we have to challenge them and i hope that's why you watch. much of our political analysis is based on facts, such as polling we trust from folks like rasmussen and gallup. santorum is at 21%.
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gingrich 16, ron paul 12. head to head matchup, romney versus obama, it's tied at 42. the new hampshire tracking poll of likely gop voters at romney at 41. paul 18, santorum, 8. gingrich, 7. huntsman, 7. now, there are two debate this is weekend, but saturday's is up against an nfl playoff game, so that will be muted and sunday's debate is in the morning. on monday's factor, we'll have the most important parts of those ex poxes, again, without any favoritism or spin. finally let's talk about what this election really means. let's cut through it. president obama is no hypocrite. he wants to fundamentally change the country, putting social justices as a top priority n. 2008, he told us he'd do that. mr. obama has been tougher on the terrorists than i thought he'd be. he largely kept the bush-cheney policies in place and the effective drone attacks have angered the aclu and other far left people. so the president is no phony. he does what he believes is right. the problem is, the problem,
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though, is federal spending. obama doesn't seem to understand the danger he is courting. he simply does not want to stop the madness despite the massive debt. i mean, these pinheads in washington are set to approve another $1.5 trillion in debt! that's simply insane! the truth is, america can't afford national health care right now. we can increase health insurance competition, but we can't pick up the tab for 30 million americans. no matter what the left believes, no matter how high you raise taxes. we can no longer afford medicare and social security in the way the programs are set up. they must be modified somewhat for americans under the age of 40. the social and financial contract between washington and we the people has to be changed or the united states will go the way of greece. as a citizen, i don't understand why president obama doesn't understand! that delimb ma will be
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spotlighted on the fact until we do understand. here is the reality on the republican front, even though the economy is shaky, 42% of americans would still vote for the president as it stands today. even with the dangerous debt, even with solyndra, cap and trade, health care mandate, even with all of that, mr. obama remains competitive! he's not jimmy carter. the gop better understand that and the party had better put together a cogent message based upon spending limitations, along with entitlement and tax reform. ideology will not, i repeat, will not defeat barak obama. his left wing ideal logs match the right wing folks. if washington continues to spend more than it takes in, doesn't reform the tax code and entitlements, this nation will go into steep decline. that's what's in play this year action 2012. that's what "the factor" will be covering in a tough, blunt, no spin way, guaranteed to tee off a lot of folks. that's a memo.
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[ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain. >> bill: in the impact segment, the weekend review from the ingram angle. yesterday laura ingraham asked newt gingrich whether he would partner up with rick santorum to defeat mitt romney in the primaries. >> can you see a scenario under which the two of you would align together to try to defeat the establishment candidate, mitt romney? >> absolutely. of course. rick and i, we have a 20-year friendship. we are both rebels. we both came into this business as reformers. we both dislike deeply the degree to which the establishment sells out the american people. we both think washington has to
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be changed in very fundamental ways. and we have lots of -- we have lots of things that shift together. >> bill: joining us from washington is miss laura ingraham who has been investigating planned parenthood receiving a huge amount of taxpayer money. would would an alliance between the two work since they're competing? >> bill, i was talking with a number of people in iowa who were -- they like mitt romney and they like him pretty well. but they're also concerned that he doesn't really speak to the working class people enough. he wouldn't be as transformative as they'd like. so a bunch of us were kicking around this idea of like, wait a second. why wouldn't the conservatives have align together to say, look, we're going to stand for these ideas and we're going to stand together against this guy who we think is more moderate. okay? so i posed this to gingrich and you heard what he said. what i think could happen, bill, and again, this is still a fairly remote possibility -- but
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if these polls hold up in new hampshire and mitt romney does as well as it looks like he will do in new hampshire, going to south carolina, at some point either before the results or after the results in south carolina, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for either gingrich to collapse into santorum or santorum to collapse into romney. >> bill: you're saying that one of them may just pull out of the race until their -- and tell their supporters to go to the other one? >> yeah. or they could both decide not to criticize each other at all and both take turns -- >> bill: they're still going to cannibalize each other -- look. gingrich and santorum are taking from each other. >> right. >> bill: there is a pool and ron paul is in that pool as well, of conservative voters and they break down, you saw it in iowa -- rick santorum got the evangelicals. the more libertarian conservatives went to ron paul. >> right.
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>> bill: one of them would have to drop out in order for that scenario that you talk to gingrich about to come true. >> yeah. it would probably have to go down that way because look, if you look at the numbers that you just laid out from the suffolk poll, if you put santorum and gingrich together, it would never be that perfect. but those numbers together -- >> bill: it's a competitive race. >> it would be more interesting and then you have all those caucus states coming up. so that also makes it more interesting. it's not the straight primary states. >> bill: what was the junior partner remark that gingrich made that santorum is a junior part. that was on your program, right? >> it was today, i believe. it wasn't on my show. it was a follow-up comment to this idea of an alliance. we have to remember that in 1990 when everyone counted rick santorum out in pennsylvania, running for office for the first time, newt gingrich swept in with his instructional manuals, his tapes, and he helped with go pac, his organization, rick santorum to get elected. so these guys are really tight. remember during the debate when rick santorum said, well, as a
5:15 pm
running mate, i'd like newt gingrich. that was kind of stunning at the time. so i think newt gingrich says, look, i'm 68. he's 53. and you can't really be surprised at newt gingrich saying that because he was speaker of the house and rick santorum is senator. i don't think -- >> bill: all right. so it would be if he got the nomination, he would put santorum as a second on the ticket. >> right. you can't -- i'm not really surprised that he said that. but santorum could say, look, newt, i love you, man, but i'm the one who almost beat romney in iowa. and the momentum is with me. so it's an interesting thought process that would have to go into this, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. it would take something very bold and very original tore this to work and it's a long shot. but it's interesting. >> bill: okay. let's switch to planned parenthood. we have to define this pretty clearly. planned parenthood is in business basically to do two things: provide birth control mechanisms to poor people, and
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to provide abortions to anybody who wants them. now, they get $500 million taxpayer dollars every -- the last quarter that it was -- not quarter. but the year that they have reported, that's what they got. that's lot of money for a bankrupt country to be giving an organization that has $1 billion in assets. meaning building, land, the investments they have. we shouldn't be giving them any money, in my opinion. however, there is a law that says you can't use federal dollars for abortions. planned parenthood dances around that. correct? >> yeah. the assets are -- you can make the argument are fungible. were it not for the federal government's money, the almost half a billion dollars the federal government gives in medicaid payments and also straight dollars, planned parenthood wouldn't have the, for instance, money that it has to do all these other things, right? so cliff starns, the congressman in florida wants these documents from planned parenthood to be able to show how they, in fact,
5:17 pm
or don't segregate their funds. but the key fact is, that planned parenthood really exists -- does all these other things for sure, but abortion is the core business. >> bill: that is their core business, no doubt about it. >> no doubt about it. >> bill: more than 900 fetus has day are eliminated by planned parenthood activity. >> just so people understand this, bill, 329,000 babies aborted in the last year, the report. that's, i believe, about the size of anaheim, california. every year. >> bill: that's just through planned parenthood. >> that's just that abortion provider. >> bill: they're getting a half billion dollars from the u.s. government every year, okay, to do this kind of a business and they dance around the law by saying, well that, money doesn't go directly. but when you walk into planned parenthood, you know what it is. you know why they're there. >> bill, just to give you a sense of these numbers, when you break it down, there are 391
5:18 pm
abortions performed for every adoption referral. about 32,000 adoption referrals -- i believe that's the number. 32,000 for the 329,000 abortions that take place. that adoption referral has dropped about, i believe -- >> bill: we all know what they're in business to do. they do provide some adoption stuff. it's really wrong. it's a wrong on a fiscal level, it's wrong on a moral level. it's wrong on the constitutional level. it's really, really wrong. i'll give you the last word. >> $56 million a year in this report spent on lobbying by planned parenthood. that means democratic races, that means the presidency. they need a democrat to be in control in the white house in order to get this money. >> bill: any republican get not guilty, that will be one of the first things to go. >> i certainly hope so. >> bill: that and pbs.
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laura, thanks very much. directly ahead, the culture warriors look at rick santorum's social position. later, bernie goldberg on racism being introduced into the presidential campaign, coming right back across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment. we asked miss gretchen carlson and miss margaret hoover to analyze rick santorum social position. whether they're strengths and weaknesses for him in a general election and in the primaries. here now are the culture warriors. hoover, we'll begin with you. what do you think is the biggest deficit senator santorum has as far as his certainly positions are concerned? >> i think senator santorum's social positions on gay americans will do him the most
5:23 pm
damage across the board. >> bill: why would republican voters, even consider his positions on gay americans with the economy, national security and all of these other things being more important, why would they focus on that? >> most people don't vote on social issues. >> bill: but they did in iowa. all of santorum's evangelical support, all of it, came from the social positions. that's why we're doing these segments. >> it came from it, but as you noted last night with him in your interview with him, he deemphasizes and talked economic issues. let me answer your question. 75% of americans believe don't ask don't tell repeal was a good thing. that's "washington post" abc poll in 2010. >> bill: should gays and lesbians be allowed to serve openly in the military? 68% say yes. 22% say no.
5:24 pm
>> right. so an overwhelming majority of americans do not believe that that should be -- >> bill: you think that will hurt him? >> i think that will hurt and i think going for a constitutional amendment -- b by the way, we don't use it to take away rights from people. >> bill: that's your opinion. >> that's not my opinion. that's a fact. the u.s. constitution stands -- doesn't take away rights. >> bill: hoover, that's your opinion. it's not a fact. >> no, it's a fact. >> could i bring up something really important? what people are not understanding about this, first of all, the media will advice rate him as a right wing extremist. >> bill: as i said. >> but, here is the thing, mitt romney agrees with him on many of these same position, yet people deem him to be the moderate candidate. for example, mitt romney signed the gay marriage pledge. president obama does not agree with -- >> bill: i don't think romney has said that he would sponsor a constitutional amendment. >> yes, he has. >> bill: has he? when? >> favor it is to ban gay marriage, according to our research people here at fox. also on don't ask, don't tell,
5:25 pm
he has not demand that had it be reinstated, like rick santorum has, as well as governor perry and speaker gingrich. but it's interesting to just look that there are not that many differences amongst the republicans and i also echo the same response that margaret had, which is, i do not think voters will be voting on social issue this is time around, unless the economy improves so much that they start paying more attention to that. >> bill: what you have to understand is when you have a choice, okay, romney is the economic guy. we all agree on that, right? that's what his main theme is. i'm a private guy. santorum won in iowa largely because of his social issues. because his economic policy isn't any different than gingrich or paul or romney. theres no difference. >> actually he's a big government guy and he's a union guy and a manufacturing -- >> bill: lower taxes, less regulation. they all say the same thing. so what separated rick santorum was the evangelicals said, he's on our side. he sees it as a moral issue.
5:26 pm
all right? abortion, for example. of all of the candidates, rick santorum is most against abortion, would you guys agree? >> i would totally agree. >> again, i come back to -- >> bachman and perry were more so. they were not in favor even in case of rape and incest. >> bill: i have to give hoover that's a good point. we have discounted bachman and perry who did run to the right of santorum. for everybody's stance, americans are changing their positions on abortion now. 61% of americans -- 61, now prefer that abortion be legal in only a few circumstances. a few. so that has really, really changed. >> but they're also not in favor of overturning roe v wade. here is where the issue comes down and is concerning to me as a republican who wants a republican to win. we actually have a chance at making in roads to youth this election. if all of the kinds who turned out for obama turn out in 22012,
5:27 pm
that will be 24% of the election. if we have a republican candidate who is deeply socially conservative and framed as being outside the mainstream, this will send them back to the democrats. >> when you look at where romney stands, he's pretty much the same. >> but he's less believable because he's changed his position. >> bill: no, no. >> maybe he'll change it back. >> bill: he's not defining himself that way. santorum last night was obviously trying to get away from this. >> very clearly. >> bill: it was very clear that's. but as you said, the media is lieutenantly going to put that right around his neck. all right, very interesting. we appreciate it. plenty more ahead this evening. most lethal sniper in american history, navy seal has written a provocative book and he will be here. bernie goldberg on racism in the presidential campaign. unfortunately, it will be a factor. we hope you'll stay tuned for those reports
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, chief chris kyle, a navy seal, is officially the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history. the chief has written a brand-new book called "american sniper" that chronicles his amazing story in iraq. i spoke with him last night. so chief, i read your book, very entertaining, i recommend it for my audience. i think they'll like it. first of all, you say you knocked jesse ventura to the floor with a punch. you don't mention his name, but everybody knows who that is. number one, that happened?
5:31 pm
>> knocked him down. >> bill: why? >> it was in 06, was the year we lost our first two seals in iraq. we came home, we lost our last guy just before coming home. we had the wake in a seal bar there in coronado, and he was there. he was there for a speaking engagement at a bud ceremony, graduating class. >> bill: because he was a seal, right? >> yes. >> bill: so he was bad mouthing the war. right? >> bad mouthing the war, bad mouthing bush. bad mouthing america. >> bill: you took exception? >> i did find a problem with it. the family was there. i asked him to please taupe it down, that we did not want to upset the family members of mike. >> bill: who was killed? >> yes, sir. and he earned the medal of honor. he jumped on a grenade and saved everybody else around. >> bill: i want to be clear, ventura wasn't attacking him at all verbally bashing him. he was just bashing the whole thing in general?
5:32 pm
>> yes, sir. until he said we deserve to lose a few guys. >> bill: he said we deserve to lose -- we, the united states -- >> no, he said you, y'all deserve to lose a few guys. >> bill: navy seals? >> i am assuming he was saying that to me. >> bill: was he drunk? >> no, sir. i never saw him with a drink in hand at all. >> bill: so once he said, you deserve to lose a few guys, you popped him? >> yes, sir. >> bill: did he fight back? >> he went down, the cops were there. i took off running. >> bill: you ran? >> yes, sir. >> bill: did they arrest you? >> no, sir. i have a master chief that always said, punch and run. >> bill: if i ask you a tough question, you going to pop me tonight? >> no. >> bill: okay. now, the other thing in the book is that you are credited with 150 certified kills, which means you as a sniper, took out 150 guys and somebody else saw it, witnessed it. so you are the most lethal sniper in u.s. history and you have the medals to prove it.
5:33 pm
what struck me in the book, though, is you considered the people you were killing, the iraqis you were killing, quote, unquote, savages. >> the people i was killing. not just iraqis. >> bill: why did you consider the enemy savages? >> from their actions. the way they lived day-to-day as far as the violence they commit on american troops, the beheadings, the rape of innocent villagers and towns people that they go into just to intimidate them. they live by putting fear into other people's hearts and civilized people don't act that way. >> bill: you were so effective in iraq that they put $20,000 on your head if one of them had killed you, they would have been paid $20,000. do you believe that they considered you a savage? >> i'm sure they did. honestly, i don't know and i really don't care. >> bill: so you were committed to killing these people because
5:34 pm
you in your heart believed they deserved to die? >> i wasn't so much committed to killing them as i was -- i'm committed to making sure every service member that was over there, whether american or ally, came home. >> bill: but as a sniper, your job is to kill them, not wound them, not arrest them. you have to have a certain mentality to be a sniper. you're killing them. >> i'm killing them to protect my fellow americans. >> bill: and you liked it? in the book -- your wife didn't want you to do it. you went back how many times? >> four times. >> bill: four times. you liked killing these guys. did you ever figure that out? >> i mean, it's not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. that's not a problem at all. >> bill: do you ever now looking back, have any regrets at all about anything that you did? >> yes, i do.
5:35 pm
it's the people i couldn't save. >> bill: the americans you couldn't save,le allied forces? >> the american, the local iraqi, anyone who i witnessed violence coming down on them and i could not save them. >> bill: that's your regret? >> yes, sir. >> bill: you don't have posttraumatic stress or anything like that that you killed so many human beings, that doesn't come back at you? >> none of my problems come from the people i've killed. >> bill: it's very fascinating. that's why i want people to read your book, because i think if they do, if they read your book, chief, american sniper, they'll understand what war is really about. 'cause i think too many of us don't understand what war is really about. >> i mean, war is hell. it's definitely -- hollywood fantasizes about it and makes it look good. war sucks. >> bill: but they need guys like to you win. >> definitely you have to get in the mentality and you have to not think of them as a human being. you have to portray them as --
5:36 pm
that's why i put savages. definitely. >> bill: right. all right, chief. thanks very much. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: when we come back, bernie goldberg upset about racism being injected into presidential campaigns. and then later on, some nfl players still taking verbal shots at tim tebow and god. those reports after these s an irritant. it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther. [ male announcer ] if you're looking for a pickup truck, check out the miles per gallon.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'll bill o'reilly. in the factor follow-up segment, we're concerned that the presidential race will include charges of racism against those who criticize president obama. so we asked bernie goldberg, keep an eye on that situation and he joins us from miami. i understand on tuesday you spotted something, bernie. >> yeah. andrew rosenthal, who holds a very important position in american journalism, he's the editorial page ed tore of the "new york times," wrote on the
5:39 pm
times web site, and i'm going to read you two sentences, bill. he said: there has been a racist undertone to many of the republican attacks leveled against president obama for the last three years and in a stunning presidential campaign. you can detect this undertone in the level of disrespect for this president that would be unthinkable were he not an african-american. then he goes on to give some examples. the first example is, joe wilson, congressman who shouted, you lie, to president obama. i think joe wilson was wrong. i think it was rude. i think it was uncalled for, but andrew rosenthal of the times also thinks it was racist. that he would never do that to a white president. then the next person is speaker john boehner. you remember when barak obama wanted to speak to a joint session of congress on the very day that the republicans were holding a debate on national television, and john boehner said, hey, do it one day later.
5:40 pm
just one day later. well, this is also racist to the "new york times" editorial page editor, even though a more thoughtful journalist would wonder if barak obama picked the day of the debate intentionally to cause trouble. then newt gingrich is a racist because he said barak obama is the greatest food stamp president in american history. never mind that most people on food stamps are white, not black, and finally, mitt romney is a racist because he said president obama wants to create an entitlement society. so that makes him a racist. bill what, this comes down to is this: as this campaign heads to the finish line in november, any republican who criticizes barak obama, domestic policy, foreign policy, whatever, there is a good chance that at some point members of the so-called main stream media will label that republican a racist.
5:41 pm
>> bill: okay. why are they doing it? because obviously people aren't going to buy it. i mean, people who have some objectivity. >> not only are they not going to buy it, there is a danger, they're doing a lot of harm. you can't cry wolf over and over again without people not paying attention at all to the -- >> bill: i think the norm times' problems -- "new york times" problems illuminated that. they're having an awful time over there, they're hemorrhaging readers. they fired their ceo. i think you're right. but here is why i think they're doing this -- >> can i answer it first? >> bill: yeah. >> i think they're doing it and it goes beyond regular journalism. it goes beyond journalism at all. i think a lot of liberal, including a whole bunch of liberals in the media actually think that hatred and bigotry is in the dna of conservatives and so if you're a conservative and you criticize barak obama for just about anything, then it
5:42 pm
must be because you're a racist. >> bill: okay. and i think that's true that the far left, not regular liberal people, but really committed zealots, if you are conservative, you're bad, you're a bad person. they can't possibly have dinner with you or respect your thing. here is why i think it's going on. it's to mobilize the african-american and other minority communities because if you make the race for president about race, then you're going to get the attention of minority voters who the democrats desperately need to turn out in the numbers they turned out in 2008 and all the polls show that's not going to happen right now. so you've got to light a fire under that voting bloc and the way to do it is to say, hey, look what they're doing! they're being racist here. and that's the strategy. >> i would give these liberal journalists like andrew rosenthal enough credit to say
5:43 pm
that they really do believe that these charges are racist, but as a strategy -- >> bill: wait, wait. you believe that a joe wilson laying you lie is a racist? >> no. >> bill: how can anybody think that? you believe that boehner, because boehner wants the presidential speech to be on a day after the republican debate, that's racist? come on. >> bill, it isn't intelligent. but these -- >> bill: these guys are too smart for that. it's got to be a calculated play. >> you said they're too smart for that, i don't believe that at all. what bothers me about this is that these people aren't smart at all. this isn't thoughtful analysis. this is just name calling. the other thing that bothers me is this incredible double standard. they can call people who criticize barak obama racist, but liberals in the media can attack any conservative black
5:44 pm
person, herman cain, adam west, they mock them, and it's not just for the sex scandals with herman cain. they make fun of them. they -- >> bill: they can do whatever they want. >> but they say that's not about race. i think it is, by the way. but even if we take them at their word that it's not about race, why is it okay for them to attack people based on what they call policy, but it's not okay for conservatives to attack barak obama on policy? >> bill: okay. bernie goldberg, everybody. and in a moment, the great american news quiz, the bad year edition, we have interesting questions. then another nfl player harming tim tebow over his spirituality. we'll deal with that upcoming r science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three y we've put nearly 100 million dollars
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into american education. . ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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>> bill: back of the book segment county the great american news quiz, the bad year
5:48 pm
edition. here are the quiz kids, martha mccallum, playing for steven shaver from ohio. "fox & friends," steve doocy. representing donna bell o'clock from pennsylvania. if you would like to win nifty prizes, go to and sign up. we're hoping this is better. question 1, the year 1986 started very badly with the space shuttle challenger disaster, killing seven astronauts. president reagan gave one of his most memorable speeches that night. >> the crew of the space shuttle challenger honored us for the manner in which they lived their lives. we will never forget them nor the last time we saw them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved good-bye and slipped the bonds of earth to touch the face of god. >> bill: now, president reagan was scheduled to do another speech that night. which up with was it?
5:49 pm
a, deliver the state of the union. b, have dinner with queen elizabeth and speak afterward. speak at a newt gingrich fund-raiser. attend a frank sinatra concert and speak before it. which was the president supposed to do on the night of the challenger speech? the answer is state of the union. very good. off to a good start. 2012. all right. here is question number 2. after the 9-11 attacks, americans apparently wanted escapism at the movie box office. which of these 2001 films ended up being the top movie maker of the year? a, fellowship of the ring. b, harry potter and the sorcer''s stone. monster's ink, shrek. 2001, top money maker? up, please. and roll the tape. >> it was locked. >> and for good reason.
5:50 pm
>> ahhh! >> he got scared. >> bill: he got it right. >> shrek? >> lives watching it. >> shrek is a great movie. >> bill: of course it is. here is question number 3. 1865 became a very bad year when abraham lincoln was assassinated in april. >> lincoln has been shot. >> one bullet kills our beloved president. >> bill: what was the notable thing about the day that lincoln was shot? a, it was his wife's birthday. b, exactly one month after the civil war ended. c, it was the same day as jfk's birthday. d, it was good friday.
5:51 pm
all right. the day lincoln was assassinated. the answer is d. both doocy and mccallum obviously did not read "killing lincoln." >> i did. >> bill: you didn't absorb that. >> i didn't absorb that part. >> bill: good friday. and i bannered it, good friday. >> that was not a good friday. >> neither was the original one. >> bill: read the book, doocy. it's only been three months. >> i'm having a great time with your disaster edition. >> bill: get doocy the audio because he obviously is incapable -- >> why don't you just come to my house and read it? >> bill: that's never going to happen. i'm not that desperate. number 4, with the pearl harbor attack, is the 41 was not a great year for the usa, which is probably why season spielberg's movie with that title, 1941, was a dud.
5:52 pm
>> all right. turn this cover on. you're taking me to tokyo. >> bill: all right. the movie "1941" was inspired by a real life attack in 1942 when a japanese submarine bombarded what? a, an oil storage facility, b, munitions factory. c, an airport, d, a hospital. this was one of the few times japanese caused damage on american soil. cards up, please. the answer is a. you have no clue. that was a hard one. i give you it. doocy leads by one. one to go. in 1929, the stock market crashed causing world wide depression. the year had actually started out on a happy note with the debut of what popular character? what character debuted in 1929? taffy duck, woody wood pecker. cards up please? the answer is roll the tape. >> i'm pop eye the sailor man ♪ ♪ i'm popeye the sailor man
5:53 pm
♪ . ♪ i eat my spinach ♪ i'm popeye the sailor man >> bill: excellent! mccallum lucked out. >> no i didn't! >> bill: tie breaker. who was president during the depression when it started? who? >> herbert hoover. >> bill: you win. she wins. >> wait, wait! let me call his great, great, g granddaughter, margaret hoover. >> bill: very good. doocy loses. pin heads and patriots on deck. tim tebow and god getting criticism from nfl players. p and p moments away [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing? ♪ imagine zero pollutants in our environment. or zero dependency on forei oil. ♪ this is why we at nissan
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built a car inspired by zero. because zo is worth everything. the zero gas, 100% electric nissan leaf. innovation for the planet. innovation for all.
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pinheads and patriot act starring tim tebow again. but first, i want to alert you to one of the best deals. american patriot jackets on sale. light weight garment. it will keep you warm in cold temperatures, just what active americans need. i wear mine all the time. so will you if you go to bill o' and get one. the rarely go on sale. they are now. now the mail. frank from florida --
5:57 pm
>> oil's a wonder i'm still on the air, frank. wayne, from danville, virgini virginia -- what santorum said about welfare entitlement is open for debate. folks should watch the statement available on the net. michelle murphy, grand junction, colorado -- i'm sure you're not hurling the "s" word at me, michelle. but are you unaware that santorum largely ran on social conservative platform? frank deleo, philadelphia -- >> i'll give you the same answer i gave michelle in colorado. senator is running as social conservative and got the evangelical vote because of that. this is from ponte verde
5:58 pm
beach, florida -- john, you know, you live very close that that great beach in florida. get some fresh air. dr. anthony tallbert from texas -- i appreciate that, doc. but since i get so few compliments i'm usually confused when i hear. that michelle, from katy, texas -- you're welcome. jennifer, from orange park, florida -- will you please tell me the name of the store, jennifer. "killing lincoln" has been restocked almost everywhere after a great christmas rush. tonight, pinhead and patriots, as you know, denver quarterback tim tebow often prays on the sidelines and that is angering
5:59 pm
n.f.l.players. >> give me a shot. create my own offense. and the kicker can nail a 62-yarder, bail me out a few times. jesus shows up. they say the prayers are the right of [ inaudible ] he's praying on the sideline. i don't feel comfortable -- i don't feel comfortable i got to pray every fourth quarter. oh, my god, please come save me again. just go out there and win the game. >> sean: that man terrell suggs has had trouble in the law in the past and the whole thing is absurd. tim tebow wants to pray on the sideline, he has a perfect right to do so. pinheads like suggs can watch. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox factor website. spout out from anywhere in the world. o' name and town. for your ladies, don't be a fripet. that sounds like an ice cream. it's a great word. don't be a


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